WWHT In The Cloud

WWHT in the Cloud is the talk of the town within the hair industry right now and we really can’t wait to tune in! Of course, we’re talking about the 22nd edition of Davines most inspirational event World Wide Hair Tour – the digital version. Scheduled for 22 – 23 November at 5:30 pm; adapted to these rough for our industry times.

What a meeting!


The World Wide Hair Tour has always offered the opportunity of meeting creative hairstylists from all over the world, sharing trends, ideas and projects within the framework of an event dedicated to beauty. After the amazing appointments in Parma, Italy, in 2018, and Reykjavik in 2019, the brand is now getting ready for a digital WWHT In The Cloud on 22-23 November live worldwide. But this will only be an anticipation of the physical event scheduled for the second half of 2021.


WWHT in The Cloud will showcase amazing artists and will carry the underlying theme of Regeneration– an alliance of businesses and communities to create a positive impact on economy, society and environment. Davines wants to focus on reinventing the future, especially after this very unusual year. Regeneration is the main topic: in a year, we consume resources for at least one and a half years, we should first consume only what we can regenerate and then start regenerating what we consumed in excess in past years. This need is finally gaining priority and guiding the sustainability strategies of Governments and businesses, including Davines.


Anna Pacitto

Here are the hairstylists that will tread the stage of the WWHT In The Cloud: Tom Connell in its first global performance on stage as Davines Hair Art Director, Anna Pacitto, Sal Misseri, Allilon, Brian & Kirsten, James Abu Ulba, Michael Polsinelli and Mirela Moko (winner of 2019’s World Style Contest 2019 as best emerging talent).

Michael Polsinelli

The show programme also includes the awaited final for Davines Talent Green House competiton, in which the 10 finalists will compete to take part in the 2021 physical edition WWHT.

Registration is free and open to all. To register simply click HERE